Our story (so far)...

Hello & welcome! I'm Elizabeth and what started out as a creative outlet whilst changing nappies around the clock with my eldest two children, has grown into a family business which I now run alongside my (long suffering) husband from our home in the northwest of England.
Here's a little about how it all came to pass, in words and a few pictures (because that's our favourite bit)... 


The story starts many many years ago when I graduated university, illustration degree in hand, but wasn’t yet ready to join the grown up world of work and the thought of pursuing a career scared the life out of me.

I did have a severe case of wanderlust however, so off I went with my backpack and working visas and a year into my journey landed in Australia, where my travelling days came to an abrupt halt when I fell head over heels for my Sydneysider husband to be, Michael.... 

Needless to say this wasn’t in my grand plan but I’ve always been one to roll with the punches so we got married and lived happily ever after down under... for four years.

What happened next explains the long suffering husband part - we left the sunshine behind and moved back to my family in the UK (in my defence it was a mutual decision) which is where we have settled and become a family of five....
The seeds were sewn when I created some animal illustrations to decorate our son's nursery, and after my time away travelling and working in many other roles from making coffee at the top of Whistler mountain to travel consultant in Sydney, it felt fantastic to be illustrating again.
I wanted to explore new ideas so started to produce prints on fabric, creating personalised art pieces that proved to make popular gifts for a range of occasions. As my collections continued to grow so did the need for more hands on deck (my husband's role includes everything I no longer have time for... his duties grow by the day) and there was no going back - I had found my niche and slowly built a business around things I love. 

I am obsessed with spots, stripes, fabrics, fonts and colour... and my (slight) infatuation with travel and maps also inevitably found a way into my work. The business name ''Bee Happy Art'' was derived from one of my first illustrations and embodies the way we hope our art makes you feel (happy). 

Our customers mean the world to us and we want you to be delighted not only with your purchase but your whole experience... should you ever need any guidance we are here to help every step of the way. We have a dedicated studio within our home where we create everything ourselves, giving each order the time and attention to detail it requires.

Our small business journey is a thrilling rollercoaster of a ride which has come a long way, and who knows what the future holds (my husband may even feel the Australian sun on his back again one day) ... but we are delighted to be here, raring to go and as always rolling with the punches. 

If you got this far thank you for taking the time to read our story and being a part of our venture… I sincerely hope we can help you with something special for an upcoming (happy) occasion in your life :)
Elizabeth (& Michael)